The facade of 107-109 High Street in 2008


The Museum building


Behind the Georgian brick front of the Museum lies a medieval timber-framed Wealden house.  The Living Landscape Gallery was originally the central hall, rising the full height of the building, with an open fire on the floor and a two storey wing on either side.  The main part, with the roof-ridge parallel to the street, has been dated to 1446. It incorporated an even earlier building, dating to around 1400, seen on the left below and visible in the Local History Gallery.  Follow the red letter building trail to find out more about this beautiful building – the oldest house in Godalming.


This is an artist's impression of how the original buildings might have looked from the High Street


This shows the roof from c1400, the lower ridge going left to right, and the roof from 1446, the higher ridge going front to back of the image. The lathes on the earlier roof can still be seen.

To see this building as it was in 1961, click here. You can also tour the High Street as it was in 1961 from this link.



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