29-31 Church Street


29 & 31 Church Street in 2008


These two buildings show different styles of domestic building in the 16th century

No. 29, on the left, is a hall house. It consists of three bays built side-on to the street, an arrangement that allowed the building of a substantial house on a smallish plot, whilst still giving access to the ground at the rear. The massive curved braces on the upper floor are often found in buildings of this period

No 31, on the right, was added later, and is an example of a quieter style, using 'close boarding', from the mid to late-century. For many years the entrance to nnumber 29 was through number 31.



Going back in time

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Image: John Bennett thesis, p41 


The buildings in 1956


Godalming Museum, ref B000.63.3.32 


Church Street in 1937, showing nos 29 and 31 on the left




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