3 Church Street


No. 3 Church Street in 2008


Until the 1930s, this facade was rendered, as shown in the photographs below.

The building has been dated to 1557 by taking samples of the wood and examining the pattern of the tree rings. Its double-curved (ogee) braces are typical of high-status buildings built in this area between 1540 and 1590. It is thought to have been the earliest house in Godalming to be constructed with a chimney from outset.



Going back in time

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Image: Godalming Museum, ref B014.61.80


The Pepperpot in 1930 with Nos 1 and 3 Church Street behind.

Note, No. 3, peeping out on the right, is still rendered.


Image: Godalming Museum, ref 3090


This shows nos 1 and 3 Church, both coverd with rendering, and it therefore dates from before the rendering was removed from No. 1 in 1902.




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