Nos 76 & 74, High Street

Until 1964 this was Nos 29 & 28



Nos 76 & 74, High Street in 2008

This building has Dutch-inspired brickwork at upper floor levels

The facade is of brick and Bargate stone. It bears the date 1663

The building had major alterations in the 1840s. At that time the curved work at the top of the wall was filled in and the top row of windows were inserted: The original line of the facade can still be discerned as a dark shadow.  The 'Chippendale' window frames were put in then: their shapes reflect the ornamental brickwork. [Source:Nevill (1880s)]




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This shows nos 76 & 74, High Street with the 'Chippendale' glass on the ground floor too




Photograph: Godalming Museum, ref 1817

This drawing also shows the octagon and dot ('Chippendale') windows on the ground floor



Drawing: Godalming Museum, ref B000.189.2

 The High Street in 1854. Nos 74-76 is fourth on the left.

It is clear that the changes to the roof-line and the windows had already been made.


Postcard: Godalming Museum ref 2493