No. 80, High Street

Until 1964 this was Nos 32 & 31


No. 80, High Street in 2005

This building dates from the mid-17th century and has strong Dutch influence
This reflects fashions after the Restoration of the Monarchy in 1660


The facade is of local brick and Bargate stone

The ornamental guttering was added at some point after 1880



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This shows no. 80 High Street in about 1951

Boots the Chemist traded here from about 1939. Before then S Edwards and Son ran a chemists shop from 1891 until at least 1924.

There are now only two windows under the gable on the first building. The brickwork is Dutch inspired, and local Bargate stone has been used with red handmade facing bricks. A lead box gutter runs the full length of the building; a dentil course forms the projection over the shop front, this being roof tiled over. Bricks have been specially moulded, and notice the unusual scalloped pelmets over the first floor windows.



image: Godalming Museum, ref 1197.17

This picture was taken before 1880, and there were two shops. In 1875, Stephen Challen, a corn dealer, traded from the house on the left.

At the far end you can see another shop. This was J H Brown, a tea dealer, ale, wine and beer merchant (now no. 78, Pizza Piazza).



image: Godalming Museum, ref 1819

This house was known as Brentinghams and was the home of the Stedman Family, who were for three generations clockmakers in the town. The third Richard Stedman died in 1856 and the house was sold. This picture from 1854 shows one side made into a shop.


image: Godalming Museum ref 2493