9-11 Church Street


9-11 Church Street 1m 2008


From the roof line, it can be seen that numbers 9 and 11 are one building and that no. 9 was refronted in Georgian times. No. 11 was left with its exposed beams, which were very unfashionable then. The braces are like elongated 'S's (ogee), a style that was typical in this area in 1540-1590. So the original building was probably built in the late 16th century,  The facade of no. 9 was put on in the 18th century.



Going back in time

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image: Godalming Museum, ref 1196.11


Church Street in 1950. Nos 9-11 can be seen behind the car on the right. At that time the beamwork was covered in render.




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