The wagon park at Witley Camp



A Godalming Saturday Night


Scurrying, shouting, jogging and jolting,
Jostled about from left to right;
Lorries a-rumbling, horses bolting -
Such is a Godalming Saturday night!
Crowds are streaming, bright eyes gleaming,
Look and you'll see the lovelight there!
Tommies are happy, and many a chappie
Whisks along with a maiden fair!


Saturday night's the time for courting,
Work is finished at Witley Camp;
Tommy is restive, gay and sporting,
Whether the air be dry or damp.
See him a-strolling with Jessie and Janet
One on each arm; 'tis a wonderful sight!
Never a happier lad on this planet
Than Tommy or Jock on a Saturday night!


Lights are lowered, and - oh confound it!
Grazed my shin on the post again!
Did my best to navigate round it,
Came a cropper, but blow the pain!
What does it matter? I'm mad as a hatter -
Mad with a deep and delicious delight!
Here's to the roar and the rush and the clatter!
Here's to a Godalming Saturday night!