Gertrude Jekyll, Artist Gardener


Talented artist, designer, writer and horticulturalist, Gertrude Jekyll was definitely ahead of her time.  Explore original resources at the museum or in school to find out about this significant local person.

Study Gertrude Jekyll and you will be covering many areas of the KS 1 curriculum beside History, including: Impressionists and Arts and Crafts artists in Art; fairy stories and traditional tales in Literacy; growing plants in Science and designing gardens in DT.  Local schools have planted Jekyll borders in their school allotments and gardens and created art and craftwork inspired by Miss Jekyll.  The ideas are endless, thanks to Gertrude!

Gertrude Jekyll Sessions

You can choose between the Artist Gardener, Puss in Boots and Old West Surrey workshops for your session, which can be delivered in the museum or at school. The session will last around an hour and a quarter and will involve a talk from Miss Jekyll and hands on activities for the children.



Artist Gardener

How are art and gardening connected?

Miss Jekyll shows some of her drawings, paintings and garden designs and explains how she uses colour.  Plant cress in an activity designed by Gertrude Jekyll herself for her book “Children and Gardens”, or make a model snail (inspired by one Miss Jekyll made for the Queen).  Look at Miss Jekyll's pictures and craft work and make your own sketches.

There is an additional charge for materials of 50p per student for this session


Puss in Boots - "take one picture"

Develop literacy and art skills using the traditional tale of Puss in Boots

Miss Jekyll introduces you to her cat Thomas and to his portrait in the character of Puss in Boots. Using freeze frame techniques, step into the picture and create characters for the next scene in the story. Bring the picture to life with drama, costume and lots of imagination.  Examine Miss Jekyll's sketches to see how she worked up her ideas for this picture and develop your own animal hero.


Old West Surrey

Study and handle Victorian artefacts and compare them with modern examples

How did people in the cottages and farms of Victorian Surrey light and heat their homes, cook and eat?  What tools did they use to earn their living? What did they do with their leisure time?  How does this compare with our lives today?


Town Walk

Gertude Jekyll’s Godalming

Discover the sleepy Godalming Gertrude Jekyll remembered before the coming of the railway, and the bustling Victorian town she described in Old West Surrey.


Loan Box

There is a loan box:  All resources use original artefacts whenever possible and set the local story within its wider context. This box comes with detailed teacher’s notes.

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