The Saxons


The Saxon settlement of Godalming is a fascinating focus for your study of this period.  Students can explore documentary, place name and archaeological evidence, study maps and consider the landscape and its resources, to find out why and how the Saxons settled here and to discover what life was like in Godhelm's Ing.

The museum's Saxon workshops and loan box support other areas of the curriculum as well: rhymes, riddles and Beowulf in English; types of settlement and using maps in Geography; sketching and recording in Art and Design

Saxon Workshops

An education session at the museum or in school consists of an introduction to the museum and the topic, followed by one or more workshops.  Choose your workshops from the list below and do contact the museum to discuss what combination would work best for you.

With a selection of workshops, the town walk and a visit to Godalming Church (which dates back to the 9th century), you can easily spend a full day in Saxon Godalming. Book on a Monday or Wednesday when indoor space for lunch is available


A Saxon Town

Use a range of different types of evidence to find out about the Saxon foundation of Godalming

Students explore documentary evidence, maps and place names, and Saxon finds from excavations in Godalming to work out when and why the Saxons founded the town.  Students work together to create a map of the town as it was in Saxon times.





Spinning and weaving 

Discover how the Saxons made and used woollen cloth

In Medieval times, Godalming was famous for its woven woollen cloth.  Discover the evidence which suggests that this industry went back to Saxon times and try drop spinning, braiding and weaving for yourself.


Saxon Art

Visit Godalming Parish Church of St Peter and St Paul to study the 9th century Saxon font.  Then return to the museum to look at other examples of Saxon art and design and create your own piece of Saxon art in metal foil

There is an additional charge for materials of £1 per student for this session



Be an archaeologist 

Find out about the role of an archaeologist and the nature of archaeological evidence

Working in pairs, students carry out their own mini-dig: excavating; accurately plotting their finds on the site plan and writing descriptions of what they find.  They identify and study their finds and draw conclusions about the history of the site on which they are working.

There is an additional charge for materials and preparation time of £1 per student for this session


Town Walk

Saxon Godalming

Godalming's basic layout has not changed since Saxon times.  Visit the old market place, the site of the Hundred House, the Parish Church, the mills which feature in the Domesday Book and the rivers which powered them and were so important to the foundation and history of the town.

 Loan Box

There is a loan box: All resources use original artefacts whenever possible and set the local story within its wider context. This box comes with detailed teacher’s notes.

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