Services for school and other educational groups

It is free to bring a group to Godalming Museum

Please let us know that you are coming so that we can make sure you are not double-booked with another group.  The museum is not large and we suggest no more than 30 children in it at one time

If you are walking to the museum, let us know and we can provide a custom-made self-guided tour, highlighting points of interest on your route.  There is no charge for this, but we do need a couple of weeks’ notice.

Loan Boxes

Loan boxes cost £5 for a two week loan and need to be collected from and returned to Godalming Museum

 - Ancient Egypt


 - Prehistory


 - Roman Life


 - Roman Mosaics


 - Saxons


 - Tudors


 - Gertrude Jekyll, Old West Surrey


 - Jack Phillips & the Titanic (Key Stage 1 & 2)


 - Jack Phillips & the Titanic (Key Stage 2 & above)


 - Toy Box


 - World War II



Workshops can be delivered in the museum or at school.


 - Archaeology, Mini Digs


- Prehistory


- Saxons


- Gertrude Jekyll


- Jack Phillips and the Titanic


Guided Walks




Power point presentations, supported by original artefacts, which can be delivered in school or at the museum.

 - The Story of Godalming

 - The Electric Light – the world’s first public electricity supply was switched on in Godalming in 1881

 - Arthur’s War – Arthur Harbour served in India and Mesopotamia during the First World War.  This presentation  is based on his letters home to his family in Townend Street, Godalming

Workshops, guided walks and presentations can be delivered singly or combined to make up a half or whole day, either at the museum or in school.  We charge £1 per child for a half or part day and £2 for a whole day.  There is an additional materials charge of 50p per child for some workshops.  We charge mileage at 50p a mile to visit schools beyond a £5 radius of Godalming Museum.


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