Planning Responsibly for the Future


At Godalming Museum, we are very committed to caring for the environment. We aim for good practice and we constantly try to think of ways to improve.


We have an Environmental Policy and a small group of volunteers who meet to discuss what progress we are making and what else we can do.


It is now common ground that the world faces a huge environmental challenge by reason of climate change. Of course, this is only one aspect of environmental considerations, but it is global, immediate and urgent.

Importantly, it has become increasingly clear that it is a situation in which the activities of mankind have made and are making a significant contribution.

Therefore, it is very important that everyone looks to the future and makes a contribution, however small.

We owe it to our children and grandchildren to meet that challenge.

The commitment of our curator, Alison, gives us excellent leadership.


So what do we do? Here are just a few examples:




We use re-cycled Post-it Notes


We check our use of water and electricity.


We are gradually changing to low energy light bulbs.


We use the reverse of documents for internal use.


We print double sided whenever possible.


We re-use bubble wrap – brought in by volunteers – in the shop.


We recycle whenever possible.


We try to communicate our good practice to all volunteers and visitors to the museum and welcome suggestions!