Exhibitions and Sales


17th October - 22nd December

Cards for Good Causes




The best selection of charity Christmas cards in Godalming, with over 30 charities to choose from. There is also a wide range of Christmas gifts, toys and decorations in the Museum shop.



5th - 27th January

Sticks and Stones




An exhibition by Mervyn Mewis, woodworker, furniture and musical instrument maker, teacher and demonstrator, Mervyn is well known to us for his wonderful work within the museum and the musical interludes he treats us to during his exhibitions. Mervyn has invited stone carver Simon Keeley to exhibit some of his work alongside his. Simon’s work is of a very high quality, wide ranging in style and size. He has produced sculptural carvings for private and public spaces, from medieval styled statuary to letter carving. He also runs classes teaching his skills.


30th January - 17th February

Prior's Field at the Heart of Godalming




This school has considerable archives, and their new archivist is preparing what promises to be a very entertaining and enlightening exhibition. The heart refers to Voysey's motif for the school and to their relationship to the town throughout their history.



20th February - 17th March

Rose Seber




Rose Seber will be returning with an exhibtion of her etchings. Her favourite places are remote and evocative: previously she has recorded her visits to Scandinavian lands and Scottish islands in her individual and skilful artworks.



20th March - 7th April

Conquest Art




We are always delighted to see the incredible work produced by Conquest Art who work with adults who have some form of disability and for whom the activity is therapeutic, challenging and satisfying. A remarkable group of artists and teachers.





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