The History of Godalming Parish Church from 1878




Going back in time

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The Octagon was added in 1970


image: Godalming Museum, ref 1196.16 



Godalming 1950.

The Parish Church from Phillips' Memorial Ground, Bury Fields, with the Phillips Memorial on the right


image: Godalming Museum, ref 1196.17 



Godalming 1950. Parish Church from N.E.

Laying out the bowling green in the foreground


The east window in the chancel



In 1906-15, the tracery on the east window was changed to its current form, but the 19th century glass was retained.


The Nave looking east



In 1906-15, decorative elements on the arch between the nave & crossing were removed


North chapel window



In 1878-81, there was a major restoration under Sir Gilbert Scott. At this time:

- The Saxon arch between the Nave and crossing below the tower was removed and the present higher, pointed arch inserted

- The Saxon arch between the crossing and the chancel was raised by 1.3 m. These two changes gave the congregation a better view of the altar

- The aisles were widened and extended one bay westwards and the late Gothic west windows in the aisles were moved to the north wall of the north chapel


The west window of the nave



- The west end of the nave and aisles were given Decorated style windows. The west window in the nave is in memory of Robert Mellersh (1830-1893), churchwarden

It shows scenes from the lives of St Peter (left) and St Paul (right)

- The north transept was extended northwards

- The turret containing the stair to the tower was constructed

- The stucco on the exterior was removed



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