Godalming Workhouse


 The workhouse master's house survives as a classroom


The school at the far end of the Moss Lane was built in 1910, but the playground now covers the site of the Godalming Workhouse and has the Workhouse Master's House incorporated into one of its classrooms. After the workhouse inmates were transferred to the Guildford Union Workhouse in 1840, the buildings were used by the National School, which had previously been on the Mint. That school followed the educational principles of Dr Bell, and was known as The Bell School.



Going back in time

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Image: Godalming in Old Picture Postcards,
vol 2, p3 


The workhouse can be seen rising at the back of the town from this vantage point


Image: from a report to the National Society in 1841 


This sketch was made in 1841.


Image: Mellersh's Map of Godalming, 1841


A map of Moss Lane in 1841, showing the workhouse (left) at the back of the present playground.
The master's house is shown in red.