Godalming Museum, ref: T589


This book came about as a result of a Women's Institute Scrapbook competition in 1952. It is not clear whether the book held by the museum was the original winner of the competition, but the idea of keeping a scrapbook of village life and happenings took off from that point. Mary Parker, who lived in the village (and remained there all her life), was chiefly responsible for keeping the book going and ensuring it was added to. Villagers contributed old and contemporary photographs, postcards, artworks, newspaper clippings, written memories and other ephemera, so that the book became a reference for village life from Victorian times until 1997. It was kept at the village Post Office and was available for loan to inhabitants.

By 1997, constant handling had caused the scrapbook to become damaged and it was decided to use money from the Mary Parker Memorial Fund to have it conserved and re-bound and to produce a copy, which could be kept at the Post Office. The original was deposited for safe-keeping at Godalming Museum, where it remains today.

The tradition of keeping a village scrapbook has been carried on and, additionally, in 1999, Hambledon compiled a 'Village Snapshot' with villagers contributing information, photographs and artwork relating to their homes, themselves and family histories. Hambledon may be unique in its past and continuing record-keeping of this kind.



Mabley, Gabrielle and Monk, Audrey, Hambledon - Images of the past 150 years from the Village Scrapbook (Hambledon:Gaymonk Books, 2000)
Available for reference in the Museum's Local Studies Library



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