Henry Woodyer was born in August 1816 in Allen House, Guildford. After attending Eton and Oxford he returned to set up an office in Guildford in 1845 and in London.

In 1851 he married, and his wife gave birth to a daughter at Allen House on the 2nd June 1852, His wife tragically died on the 21st June. In 1854 Woodyer bought a small estate with a farmhouse at Grafham, near Dunsfold. Here he rebuilt the house and lived there for nearly forty years until 1893. The next owners renamed the house Grafham Grange.

Woodyer was responsible for restorations and enlargements of the Church of St John the Evangelist, Milford in 1859

In Cranleigh, Woodyer designed the quadrangle and chapel at Cranleigh School c.1863-5. He also did the restorations and addition to the Church of St Nicholas in 1861-8, and the Rectory in 1863.

He designed a nearby farmhouse in Grafham in 1859, the vicarage in 1863, and the Grafham School in 1871.

Woodyer did restoration, enlargements additions and fittings to many churches including those at Alfold 1844-6, Abinger (1856-7), Hambledon (1857), Compton (1859 & 1869) ,Puttenham (1861-2), Chiddingfold (1869-70), Bramley (1875-6), Dunsfold (1881-2), and Wonersh (1901).

In 1862 St Peter’s Church, Hascombe, shown below, was in a derelict state. Canon Vernon Musgrave had the church demolished and a new church was designed by Woodyer, and started in 1863. It cost £3,100 and was consecrated in 1864. Woodyer also designed Hascombe School in 1866.

Woodyer designed the Church of St Andrew at Grafham in 1860-1 as a memorial to his wife.

His wife, Frances Martha, who died aged 21 in 1852, was buried at Milton Berkshire, where her brother was the rector. Woodyer died in August 1896, and was buried in Grafham churchyard.