Exhibitions and Sales


7th January to 8th February

Stone and Wood



An exhibition of works by the very talented Simon Keeley and Mervyn Mewis. Mervyn's work in wood, in particular his musical instruments, is always a great attraction and Simon's remarkable sculptures , displayed here for the first time last year, are not to be missed. This will be a wonderful introduction to the New Year.


11th February to 29th February

Compton Artists



This local group of artists will bring  a great variety of styles and interest to the Museum. They approach their subject matter in unusual and creative ways, encouraged by their tutor Ronnie Ireland.


3rd March to 21st March

Guildford One Two Three



Three artists whose work varies from collages of the countryside, paper cut-outs in abstract patterns, works reflecting human relationships and experiences, and moods and atmospheres in landscapes.




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