Gertrude Jekyll, Old West Surrey Loan Box

Use original artefacts and the images and stories in Gertrude Jekyll's book "Old West Surrey" to explore what life was like in the local area in Victorian times.


Contents of Godalming Museum’s
Gertrude Jekyll, Old West Surrey school loan box



Old West Surrey by Gertrude Jekyll

Gertrude Jekyll by Twigs Wey (Shire)

Lutyens in Waverley


Leather harvest bottle

Candle stick

Rush light with candle holder

Horse shoe

Candle snuffers and tray

Tinder box containing tinder (straw), damper, flint and steel

Strike-a-light clockwork toy Steel-yard

Weight for steel-yard

Mouse trap


“What is it for?” laminated cards (x8)

Oakhurst Cottage leaflet


Detailed teaching notes are provided. Click here for a PDF. 




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