Jack Phillips and the Titanic, KS 1&2 Loan Box


This box focuses on 4 people who travelled on the Titanic:

9 year old first class passenger Douglas Speddon features in the book “Polar the Titanic Bear” and the loan box includes props to help tell his story: a toy polar bear, a life jacket and a blanket costume (like those made aboard the Carpathia for survivors)

The story of Chief Wireless Operator Jack Phillips is told in the booklet “Farncombe Lad” which is full of pictures of the Farncombe and Godalming Jack Phillips knew and includes a map showing all the local sites connected with him. The box also contains two Morse Code keys

First class passenger, fashion buyer and journalist Edith Russell entertained children in the lifeboat with her musical box pig  You can hear her story (and the musical box) on the National Maritime Museum Website  The loan box includes "Pig on the Titanic" a children's book told from the point of view of Edith's toy pig and Edith's own eyewitness account of the sinking, with suggestions for using this for drama

Stewardess Lucy Snape from Witley lost her life in the tragedy. Her story is told in the teaching notes and the box includes a stewardess costume and a photograph of an original Titanic stewardess apron in the Ulster Folk Transport Museum collection


Contents of Godalming Museum’s
Jack Phillips & the Titanic Key Stage 1 & 2 school loan box


A Farncombe Lad, by Mandy Le Boutillier (booklet)

Titanic, the Ship of Dreams

The Story of the Titanic (Dorling Kindersley)

Polar the Titanic Bear, by Daisy Corning Stone Spedden

Pig on the Titanic, by Gary Crew

Titanic Style, Dress and Fashion on the Voyage, by Grace Evans


The Olympic

The opening of the Phillips Memorial Cloister and Grounds


Replica lifejacket

Stewardess costume

Blanket nightgown


Two Morse Code keys

Toy polar bear

Toy cane furniture (table, sofa, 2 chairs)


Toy spinning top and whip

Block of cork

Laminated sheets

Making the replica lifejacket

Spot the difference (replica and modern lifejacket)

Ulster Folk Transport Museum stewardess apron

Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), how the loss of the Titanic saved lives

Edith Rosenbaum’s eyewitness account

Sheets to Photocopy

Polar Bear activity sheet

Suitcase activity sheet

Telegram form

Edith Rosenbaum’s story - drama activity – play script


Detailed teaching notes are provided. Click here for a PDF. 



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