Jack Phillips and the Titanic, KS 2+ Loan Box

This box has resources to help students explore:-

- Working and travelling on the Titanic, including the stories of 4 local people associated with the ship

- The nature and reliability of historical sources, in the context of the debate over the causes of the sinking and varying contemporary and subsequent accounts of the disaster

- The impact on safety of life at sea

And material to inspire creative writing

In addition to Jack Phillips, it introduces stewardess, Lucy Snape from Witley whose young daughter travelled with her, William Lindsay from Farncombe, who had a narrow escape, and Lord Pirrie, Chairman of the Belfast Harland and Wolff shipyard where the Titanic was built, whose country home was Witley Park

The box includes a copy of Father Browne's Titanic Album, a unique collection of photographs taken on board the ship and Shaun Tan's beautiful book without words "the arrival" to introduce the topic of the emmigrants travelling on the Titanic

Objects include a replica life jacket and Morse Code key


Contents of Godalming Museum’s
Jack Phillips & the Titanic Key Stage 2+ school loan box



Exploring the Titanic, by Robert Ballard

A Farncombe Lad, by Mandy Le Boutillier (booklet)

Father Browne’s Titanic Album

The Arrival, Shaun Tan

Titanic, the Artefact Exhibition

Lost Voices from the Titanic

Titanic Research Guide (Magic Tree House)

Copy of the National Geographic with article, The Titanic, what really happened?

The Phillips Memorial – an Arts and Crafts Memorial in Godalming

Titanic Survivor, the Memoirs of Violet Jessop, Stewardess

Kaspar Prince of Cats by Michael Morpurgo

Eyewitness Titanic (Dorling Kindersly)


The Olympic

“The Path of Duty was the path to Glory” opening of the Phillips Memorial Cloister and Grounds

“Look Out! Southampton’s Titanic Story in Song”


Pack of 32 photographs, illustrations and news reports reproduced from the Illustrated London News

Pack of 16 replica wireless telegrams

Pack of 16 replica newspaper front pages

Folder containing replica documents


Morse code key

Replica lifejacket

Block of cork

Newspaper article (A3) “Thrilling Story by Titanic’s Surviving Wireless Man”


Titanic Distress Traffic

Newspaper article “Titanic Wireless Chief Died on a Life Raft”

Harold Bride’s testimony to the British Inquiry

Article “The fateful ice warnings that could have saved Titanic …?”

Portrait of Jack Phillips by Ellis Martin

Framed photograph of Jack Phillips by Jenni Stedman and Charles Elworthy

Two poems by Edwin Drew

Magazine article “Commemorating a Deed of Courage”


Newspaper article “Two Witley Victims”

Extract from book “Stewardess on an Ocean Liner”

Stewardess’ apron information sheet

Newspaper articles “A Ship of Gloom” and “A Narrow Escape”

Magazine articles “A Farncombe Man Looks Back”

6 photographs of Witley Park

Photograph of the Borough Hall in Godalming c.1900

Suitcase activity sheet to photocopy


Tables illustrating who survived and who was lost

Edith Rosenbaum’s account of the disaster

Play script based on Edith Rosenbaum’s account

Kirkleatham Museum’s Morse Code Activity pack

Blank telegraph form to photocopy

Information sheet - Safety of Life at Sea – SOLAS

Information sheet - Making the replica life jacket

Spot the difference – compare the replica life jacket with a modern example

Folder of suggestions on how to use the material in the box


Detailed teaching notes are provided. Click here for a PDF. 



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