Prehistory Loan Box

How often do you get to handle artefacts which are many thousands of years old? This loan box includes orignal and reproducation Stone Age tools, a selection of children's reference books and activities based on the extraordinary discovery of Ötzi the Iceman. Detailed teaching notes tell the story of the local area from the Palaeolithic to the Iron Age.

Contents of Godalming Museum’s
Prehistory loan box



The Iron Age

The Stone Age

Prehistoric Britain

Who were the first people?

Stone Age Sentinel

The Man in the Ice Stone Age, Bone Age!

Hidden Depths

Mammoth Activity Book of Prehistory

Stone Age Boy



Flint Hand Axe (original)

Flint Hand Axe (replica)


Flint Axe or Adze head (original)

Flint core (original)

Two flint blades (original)

Three flint points (original)

Neolithic to Bronze Age

Bronze Age barbed and tanged flint arrow head (original)

Bronze Age bronze axe head (replica)

Neolithic or Bronze Age flint scraper (original)

Neolithic or Bronze Age pottery (original)

Neolithic leaf shaped flint arrowhead (original)


Gloves (2 pairs)

Magnifying glass


Ötzi the Iceman – Otzi Clothes Fact Sheet

Prehistory Timeline

Prehistory at a Glance

Flint core and flake identification sheet

Hafted stone axes sheet


Ötzi the Iceman – paper doll


Detailed teaching notes are provided. Click here for a PDF.



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