Life in Roman Times


Includes original Roman items: pottery, jewellery, bones and oyster shells from a Roman kitchen.


Contents of Godalming Museum’s
Life in Roman Times school loan box



Fragment of sculpture


Fragment of a rim of a large storage jar

Fragment of a beaded and flanged bowl

Fragment of a mortarium

Neck section of a narrow-necked jar

Fragment of New Forest pottery

Handle and part of the neck of a flagon

Fragment of New Forest pottery

Five shards of decorated pottery

Shard of Red Ware (Samian Ware)

Oil lamp Replica oil lamp

Fragment of fired clay


Baby’s glass bangle


Roman Coin - an Antoninianus of Marcus Aurelius Probus

A bronze fibula broach


Oyster Shell (with card model)

Two bones


M. A. B. Lyne & R. S. Jefferies ‘The Alice Holt/Farnham Roman Pottery Industry’ Research Report No. 30 (Council for British Archaeology 1979)

K. D. White ‘Farm Equipment of the Roman World’ (Cambridge University Press 1975)

Godalming Museum Newsletter, Spring/Summer 1999 (two copies)

K. Allen ‘One Day in Ancient Rome’ (Tyndall 1974)

R. Hunt ‘Hidden Depths: an archaeological exploration of Surrey’s Past’ (Surrey Archaeological Society 2002)

H. T. Sutton & J. Green ‘Museum puzzle-picture book of Life in Roman Times (Heritage Books & Longman 1982)


Cotton gloves

Set of 16 photographs (A-E and G-Q


Detailed teaching notes are provided. Click here for a PDF. 




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