The Ancient Egyptians


Original pottery, jewellery, a coin and an ancient hand axe illustrate the early settlement of the Nile valley, Egypt's often violent relationship with neighbouring Kush and everyday life and ritual in Ptolomaic Egypt.


Contents of Godalming Museum’s
Ancient Egyptian school loan box


Palaeolithic hand axe

Anubis amulet

Base of a bread cone


Small flask

Jug with strainer

Double-wick lamp

Large sherd of Kerma pottery

Small sherd of Kerma pottery

Sherd of blue faience

String of beads

Single faience bead

Coin of Ptolemy VI



Eyewitness: Ancient Egypt

Egyptian Things to make and do

Stories from Ancient Egypt

Usborne Young Reading: Tutankhamun

The Danger Zone: Avoid Becoming an Egyptian Pyramid Builder 


Detailed teaching notes are provided click here for a PDF.


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