The Saxons

This box presents the evidence for the Saxon foundation of Godalming, with suggestions for related activities, to help you explore the world of the Anglo-Saxons.


Contents of Godalming Museum’s
Anglo-Saxon school loan box



Anglo Saxon Riddles, by John Porter

Anglo Saxons Activity Book, John Reeve and Jenny Chattington

Beowulf: Dragon Slayer, by Rosemary Sutcliff

Britain in the Past – the Anglo Saxons Explore the Anglo Saxons

Hidden Depths, An Archaeological Exploration of Surrey’s Past, by Roger Hunt

How to be an Anglo-Saxon in 13 easy stages, by Scoular Anderson

Learn Old English with Leofwin (beginners) Matt Love

Romans and Anglo-Saxons in Britain, Craft Topics

Runes, by Martin Findell


4 original pieces of Saxon pottery

Replica Saxon beaker

2 replica Saxon loom weights

2 wooden spindles with metal spindle whorls and unspun wool

Hnefatafl / Nine Men’s Morris board, instructions (2 laminated sheets) and pieces

7 reproduction Saxon coins in presentation packs


Godalming Museum Anglo Saxon School Loan Box topic notes

Instructions for spinning with the spindle


A Saxon Spear from Farncombe

A Saxon Loom Weight from Godalming

Saxon Pottery from Godalming

The Saxon Font in Godalming Church

Who was Godhelm?

Domesday Book - Godalming

A Saxon Fort at Eashing


Godalming Hundred Map

Anglo Saxon Place Names in the Hundred of Godalming activity sheet

Anglo Saxon Place Names in the Hundred of Godalming answer sheet

4 colouring sheets – the interlace patterns on the Godalming font

2 complete & colour sheets – the interlace patterns on the Godalming font


Detailed teaching notes are provided. Click/tap here for a PDF. 



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