The Toy Box


A collection of original and replica toys including a wooden bilbo catcher, bagatelle, counting frame, quoits board, metal vehicles, jigsaws, replica Roman knucklebones and a replica Tudor stump doll. Detailed teaching notes are provided.

(Please note, this is a large box, collecting by car is recommended)


Contents of Godalming Museum’s
Toys school loan box



Wooden hoop

Wooden bagatelle board (with 5 steel balls)

Wooden counting frame with coloured beads

Quoits board with five rings

Wooden box of picture bricks

A wooden jigsaw from the 1930s

Godalming bear

Wooden bilbo catcher (to be handled only by the teacher)

Two replica Victorian swing toys

Replica Victorian doll

Replica Tudor stump doll

Hand-made white cotton duck

Hand-made Sailing boat

Replica Victorian cup and ball toy

3replica Victorian hole and ball toys

Replica Victorian mechanical clown toy

12 alphabet blocks

4 wooden bricks with alphabet, number and picture faces (to be handled only by the teacher)

Painted wooden top (to be handled only by the teacher)

Tonka toy lorry 2 corgi military vehicles

2 large glass marbles

1 set of knucklebones and 2 sets of five stones with two cards suggesting games to play with them

25 glass marbles


Detailed teaching notes are provided. Click here for a PDF. 



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