Rea and Fisher Tannery


The Tanneries, 2019,
Built on the site of the Rea and Fisher Tannery - founded 1797


This site was wholly industrial for a century and a half - for most of that time it was a leather tannery. It was said that a blind man arriving by rail would know when he had reached Godalming, by the stink.

Tanneries used bark for tanning and often had fires - this tannery was no exception, as it was almost completely destroyed by fire in 1905. For more details of this fire, Click Here.



Going back in time

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Image: Godalming Museum, ref 2482


This photograph of the fire the Rea & Fisher tannery in 1905 shows the bridge that used to connect the tannery with Solly's Mill.

For more details of this fire, Click Here.


Image: Godalming Museum, ref B998.48.2


The tannery in 1902, looking south from the railway

This is now the site of The Tanneries. Mill Lane is on the right




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