I returned to my childhood home in 2019 and re-engaged with the beauty and vitality of the local area. I moved to London at age 19 to train as an actor at RADA. Since graduating in 2003 I’ve worked in theatre in the The West End and in television and film. After my little boy was born we moved to Godalming in search of more air and space. Spending my lockdown dawns on lakesides and riverbanks I watched the cobalt brilliance of kingfishers. I’d not see these illusive streaks of colour before, but watching them dart along the water above the river Wey, I became captivated by the hope of each sighting. These brief glimpses of wildlife and the hidden world the inhabit offers such solace and inspiration amidst the turbulence. Working from my own photographs and memories I’ve put together some drawings and paintings of the wildlife I see here in Surrey and some of the other places dear to me from the Mediterranean to the Cumbrian fells in and across all seasons. I love to draw in pencil and colour pencil and to paint scenes I see and imagine. I’m interested in the realm of these animals as much as the animals themselves; the light, the textures and the colours of their habitat. In this collection of drawings, and paintings, I hope to show something of the subjects that have caught my attention aa well as the world they inhabit.