Salgasson Mill, Borough Road



This detail of the Ordnance Survey map for 1897 shows Westbrook and Salgasson Mills


Salgasson Mill lay behind Westbrook Mill and was powered by water flowing from the Wey into Hell Ditch. This constrained waterway can be clearly seen in early photographs.

In the 19th century it was owned by R & J Pullman:  Pullman's business  at Westbrook and Salgasson Mills included tanning, the preparation of chamois, buckskin, and saddle leather and they undertook Government contracts.

In 1881, Salgasson Mill was used to power the electricity generator that fed the first public electricity in the world and the street lighting in central Godalming.



Going back in time

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The scene at Westbrook (Salgasson) mill depicted in The Graphic, Nov 12 1881


Image: Godalming Museum, ref 2507



The Pullman family in front of Salgasson Mill


Image: Godalming Museum, ref 2508



Salgasson Mill and its waterway




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