St Christopher's Church, Weyhill, Haslemere


This fine Arts and Crafts church was built in 1903



The nave - the barrel vaulted ceiling has excellent acoustic properties and this make the church a popular venue for musical performances

The architect was Charles Spooner ARIBA, who was a disciple of William Morris. He not only designed the building but also the fixture and fittings.

In the words of the Rector, Rev G Aitken "The committee resolved from the first that they would not be content to put into Our Little House of Prayer anything cheap or ordinary. Only the best for the service of God's House".

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The High Altar from the nave

The reredos (panel behind the altar) is a triptych (i.e. in three parts) the two wings of which can be folded to cover the centre. It is painted in the Pre-Raphaelite style.


The Cross is in a late mediaeval style

It was dedicated in 1950 to the memory of Rev C C Tanner, Priest in Charge at the outbreak of the 1939-45 War, who, as Chaplain of HMS Fiji, died helping to rescue members of the crew when the ship was sunk in 1941

St Christopher's Guide

Lady Chapel window

The window is made up of panes of hand made glass





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