Index of items from the Museum's Collections

that can be seen on this site

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Home and Household


Work and Industry


Tudor rushlight


Knitting frame


Man's smock




Leather works


'Rose Cottages'


Coaching trade


Trade token


War work






Corn diblers


Mineral water bottles


Portrait of Jack Phillips




Town and Society




POW loincloth



Empire Cinema


Witley Camp WWI



Fireman's helmet






Boer War Christmas tin



Street lighting


Ration book


Godalming Music Festival




Home Guard





Uncovering Secrets





Concealed shoe



Hambledon Village Scrapbook



Slave whip?


Coronation mug, 1911


Palaeolithic hand-axe


Coronation programme, 1953


Witley Park


Coronation procession, 1953


Mammoth's tooth


Jubilee tea, 1897


Godalming old bridge


Carnival programme, 1924


Object of the month


Other items


Portrait of Thomas Henry Huxley



Painting by Sir Winston Churchill


Bottles from Norman's chemist shop


Gertrude Jekyll's Suffragist banner




Man trap


Gertrude Jekyll's sketches


The Wey Swimming Club Cup






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