The King's Arms and Royal Hotel


The King's Arms and Royal Hotel in 2006


This frontage is said to bear the date of 1753 (This date is not presently visible and may by hidden by the coat of arms), but the interior is much older. 

It is constructed of red bricks with alternating black headers. These black bricks appear silver in the sunlight. The overall effect is very pleasing and lively, particularly in the morning sun.


The board on the pediment shows Henry VIII's arms


This plaque dates from 1998 and commemorates the visit of Peter the Great in 1698

To see this building as it was in 1961, click here. You can also tour the High Street as it was in 1961 from this link.



Going back in time

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image: Godalming Museum, ref 1197.11


The King's Arms and Royal Hotel in 1951, with The Woolpack on the left


Image: Godalming Museum, ref Woods H2 p107 


This is the King's Arms Hotel in 1890, with the eastern end converted into a residence - it later became shops




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