Objects and photographs associated with war feature quite significantly in the Museum collections. Most of the items are from the First or Second World Wars. Many men and women of the area were either actively engaged in the conflicts or supported war efforts through work and volunteering at home. Few people can have escaped the effects of wars, and the Museum has evidence of the devastation which could be suffered by families.

One of the older items in the collections is thought to be an English Civil War weapon - a caltrop. It is an example of a disabling device in use since Roman times, versions of which are still in use today.

The Museum also owns a very unusual object, which is too delicate to go on permanent display. It is a loin cloth worn around the waist of a Godalming man during his time in a Japanese prisoner-of-war camp. Less rare is the collection of Second World War ration books, which were issued to households across Britain - although it is probably unusual that a complete set, spanning the war period, was kept intact.


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POW loincloth

Home Guard

Witley Camp WWI

Ration book


Boer War Christmas tin



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