Godalming Museum, ref: B988.33


This programme was produced in May 1917 for the 5th Canadian Division, stationed at Witley Camp.

During the First World War, huge army camps were developed on the commons south of Godalming and thousands of troops moved in. Canadian expeditionary forces were stationed at Witley Camp and became a feature of the town. A canteen was established in Croft Road for them.

Canadian servicemen were viewed with mixed feelings - idolised by many of the young local women (some of whom went on to marry their Canadian boyfriends) and courted by the local tradesmen and women. A thriving trading area known as 'Tin Town' grew up along the Portsmouth Road near Witley Common. But, on occasions, military police were called upon to break up disturbances. In June 1919 Tin Town was wrecked after troops rioted - probably out of frustration at delays in being sent home.



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