Bridge Street in about 1800

Godalming Museum, ref: Woods H2.313


From the left:

No.19, which can be identified by its door frame. It has second floor, the small windows of which show it to be for servants and children. It has no bow windows, which means that all the Regency styling must have been added later.

No. 18, clearly identifiable by its pyramid roof

A range of buildings that became nos 10 to 17

A low range of buildings behind the lamp post - nos 3 to 9 today

A building behind The Sun that has been demolished

The Sun Inn


From the Right:

The nearest building has drawn the comment 'The appearance of the house with the sash windows on the right hand side is not in accordance with my recollection of the building'. However, much of this area was rebuilt by George Marshall in about 1843 and the drawing is otherwise very reliable, so Percy Woods's comment in 1905 may be because the building shown had been replaced

Toft's Buildings, demolished in the 1830s - note the drop shutter on the ground floor window

Great House, burnt down in 1869

The building that housed the A1 cafe, demolished in about 1960, which is recognisable by the chimney on its sloping roof



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