Godalming Museum: ref: Woods H3.271


Looking west from The Pepperpot. From the left this shows:

- no. 117 High Street (with the 'Forage Contractors' sign) now offices

- 119-123 (three first floor windows, with a domestic entrance and double bay below). The double bays are now converted into a double front for a funeral director's

- no. 125 (two large first floor windows - now a restaurant)

- nos 127 & 129 ( with the sign 'Sexton Tailor and Hosier' and whiter facade, just as it is today - now a restaurant)

- no. 131 (two first floor windows and a shop facade below)

- no 133 (two first floor windows and a shop facade below). It now has a gable.

- no. 135 (Regency frontage, now a restaurant)




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